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A one-day conference for HR Leaders, Technical Hiring Managers, CTOs and VPs of Engineering focused on all aspects of building and scaling great engineering teams.
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Jeri Doris
Chief People Officer @ Delivery Hero.
Kevin Goldsmith
VPE @ AstrumU (Former CTO @ Avvo, Former VPE @ Spotify, DoE @ Adobe)
Mark Levy
Former Airbnb Employee Experience Pioneer.
Daniel Krauss
CIO and Co-Founder @ FlixBus.
Margaux Pelen
Founder @ The Learning Studio
Sergej Zimpel
Senior Recruiter @ ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE
Martina Niemann
Vice President HR Management @ Lufthansa
Nico Bräutigam
Tech Talent Acquisition Specialist @ Tipico
Jan Werth
IT Recruiter @ MYTOYS Group
Jose Arteaga
Tech Talent Acquisition Specialist @ Tipico
Teddy Dimitrova
Tech Talent Manager @ Bloomon
Amir Friedman
VP Engineering @ kloeckner.i
Antonio Arias Lopez
Talent Acquisition Lead @ Tipico
Aleksandra Gavrilovska
Engineering Manager @ SoundCloud, Director at Women Who Code Berlin


Recruit the Best People

Through keynote speeches, lightning talks and interactive workshops, learn how to go from your first tech hire to making hundreds of hires a year. Topics include talent analytics, candidate experience and employer branding.

Scale Your
Engineering Team

Listen to CTOs, Engineering Leaders and HR Leaders who have built products and scaled teams through booms and busts. From onboarding and training to feedback, promotion and employee experience.

Optimize Your
Organizational Design

How should HR and Tech work together to build the most effective processes to recruit and retain top engineering teams?

Prepare your Engineering
Management Pipeline

Learn how to build an organization which rewards technical contributors and those interested in management.


Case Studies

Registration and Breakfast


Mark Levy, Employee Experience Pioneer (formerly at AirBnB)

From HR to Employee Experience
Mark was the pioneer at Airbnb for more than four years of shifting the function, the mindset and ways of working to treating the employee like the business treats their customer. Mark will share how the shift started, what it is through stories about the way Airbnb created belonging through the employee experience.


Daniel Krauss, CIO and Co-Founder, FlixBus

To be announced
Daniel Krauss is one of the three founders of FlixBus and the current CIO where he is responsible for all technological aspects of FlixBus including Business Intelligence, Online Product, Infrastructure and Software Engineering. Prior to launching FlixBus, Daniel worked as technical manager for Microsoft, Siemens and Marquardt. Daniel studied business information systems at universities in Germany and China. He was born in 1983 in Neheim-Hüsten, Germany, and currently resides in Munich.


Sergej Zimpel, Senior Recruiter, ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE

To be announced


Coffee Break


Jeri Doris, Chief People Officer, Delivery Hero

To be announced


Margaux Pelen, Founder at The Learning Studio
Teddy Dimitrova, Tech Talent Manager at Bloomon
Jan Werth, IT Recruiter at MYTOYS Group

Screening Developers: Setting up a Frictionless Screening Process for Tech Candidates
Having a well defined screening process is essential to hiring the right tech talent and limiting organizational overhead. Our panelists will discuss developer's educational background, how to understand their interests from an application, how to automate screening and how to choose which technical screening is most suited to the position you are hiring for.




Amir Friedman, VP Engineering, kloeckner.i

How we Recruit and Retain Developers at Kloeckner.i
Amir is VP of Engineering at kloeckner.i, where he leads 30 developers. He is passionate about building high performing teams. In this talk, Amir will talk about how he recruits the right people for the right teams, how kloeckner.i are building their developer brand and most importantly how they have kept turnover on their engineering team at close to zero. kloeckner.i is the digital arm of Klöckner & Co, Germany's largest steel and metal distributor. The company has over 8,000 employees and €6.3 billion revenue in 2017.


Aleksandra Gavrilovska, Engineering Manager, SoundCloud, Director at Women Who Code Berlin

Using Retrospectives to Build Teams at SoundCloud
Functional teams are based on trust, communication and empathy. Those can grow and improve as the time goes or they can be catalysed by using different tools, for example a retrospective activity. In this case study Aleksandra will show various retrospectives and the impact they had on her team at SoundCloud. Aleksandra Gavrilovska is an Engineering Manager at SoundCloud and Director at Women Who Code Berlin. She has been working in software development for 10 years and has a Master and Bachelor in Computer Science.


Coffee Break


Antonio Arias Lopez, Talent Acquisition Lead,
Jose Arteaga, Tech Talent Acquisition Specialist,
Nico Bräutigam, Tech Talent Acquisition Specialist, Tipico

From Agency to Automation: How We Cut Tech Time to Hire and Cost per Hire in Half in One Year.
Antonio Arias Lopez is leading Talent Acquisition at Tipico, the market leader in sports betting in Germany. Antonio set up the Group Talent Acquisition function and leads a team of 11 recruiters, spread across 4 locations Since joining, Antonio and his team have reduced time to hire by 51%, reduced agency spend by 82%, and increased inbound tech applications by five times. Learn how Tipico implemented state of the art HR Tech, like automated referencing, asynchronous interviewing, best-in-class tech assessments to transform recruitment and build a digitally-powered system.

Mark Levy, Employee Experience Pioneer (formerly at Airbnb)

A Deeper Dive into what it takes to Shift from HR to Employee Experience
In this workshop, participants will analyze their own organization, how they work with their employees and start to consider what it will take to create more two way dialog, to co-create with their employees, and to help the entire company shift towards a new way of working where you set your employees up for success by helping them understand the business needs and treat them the way you want the employees to treat your customer


Martina Niemann, Vice President HR Management, Lufthansa

To be announced


Kevin Goldsmith, VP of Engineering, AstrumU

Using Agile Techniques to Build a More Inclusive TeamBuilding psychological safety in your teams is critical if you want them to perform at their best. The challenge is how to develop and encourage the trust and collaboration and to make sure that all voices are heard. The agile community has developed facilitation exercises and tools that make conversations more democratic and inclusive. I have used some of these techniques with my teams for years and have found them incredibly valuable. I will teach you some of the agile methods that I use for large and small team meetings, brainstorms, and one-on-ones that encourage all team members to participate. These tools also help make sure that all voices are respected and valued.




Join us at Festsaal Kreuzberg, one of Berlin’s coolest venues. Located close to the Spree in the heart of the city, Festsaal is the perfect location for intimate talks, interactive workshops and networking. The conference runs from 9am to 6pm.

Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin



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